Tummy Touch Moods

The Tummy Touch Moods Production Library provides production music (aka library music, stock music, needle drop etc) composed for TV, film, advertising or anywhere else people can find a use for it. It is pre-cleared which means it is extremely quick, simple and cost effective to use. As one would expect from a Tummy Touch company the music in this collection is unique, exciting and varied.

We are pleased to be working with the legendary KPM Music House and to find out more about using our library music please visit their site www.kpmmusichouse.com

Check out our latest releases below and keep your eyes peeled for regular new releases.

Afro A Go Go - High energy beats with an authentic African flavour for sports, travel and sun soaked fun

Boom Boom Bikini - Afro Latin lotion, samba surfing and flamenco flavoured fun.

Cest Euro Cha Cha Cha - Bossa nova for naughty nurses. Sexy samba for cheeky chaps.

Funny Farm Fandango
- Eccentric and uplifting music hall from Patrick And Eugene, the Chas and Dave of the electronica world.

Impressive Progressive
- Kraut rock and electro pomp for glam slammers and glitter kings.

Klesmar Klash
- A whirlwind tour of Jewish, Balkan and Eastern music

Silky Strings Deluxe
- Luxurious strings and laid back beats for smooth movies, blissful boudoirs and drifting off into the sunset

The Mood Improver - Upbeat and oddball Urban Exotica from Tummy Touch, the bohemian delinquent of the international electronica scene. Designed to make life a little less ordinary.

100% Vintage Reggae - The authentic sound of Sixties ska and Seventies reggae dynamite. Real musicians, old-school recordings and extra niceness to help liven up yourself

You can also find some of our library music at www.loeditions.com.  Visit their site and search for Tummy Touch under “labels”.