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In order to best develop its eclectic collection of sounds and soundmakers Tummy Touch Music Group is home to several record labels, all under the watchful eye of maverick A&R Tim “Love” Lee. He started out his career in music playing synth in just about every band that came out of cambridge in the 80s but it was as a DJ on the early UK Acid House scene that Lee really developed his skills as a “selector” of fine and far out music. Lee’s selecting skills have landed him radio shows with the BBC and NYC’s East Village Radio as well as official DJ Mix CD releases from Universal Records, Stereo Deluxe and Keep Diggin.

You can keep up to date with everything going on with our labels at Tim's blog - Sounds Good In The Nude

Tummy Touch Records

Since its very first release Tummy Touch’s musical output has been wild and wayward – from the lo-fi acid of Waxploitation to hi-energy funk of Tutto Matto, from the proto-mash-ups of Tim “Love” Lee’s XXX-Mas selection to songs about Southend by Mrs Jones.

“Eccentric beats & treats from Tummy Touch. It swings like a wild and playful pendulum between the trad, the mad and the downright indescribable. Brilliant !” – DJ Magazine

Boy Scout Recordings

Set up in the spring of 2006 Boy Scout Recordings provides a home for great music that leans in the direction of old fashioned songs, acoustic instruments and long walks in the great outdoors. Artists include Dawn Landes, Turner Cody & The Toy Band.


Other imprints

Peace Feast, Music For Drunks, Try Science

Online sales

All of our physical and digital releases are available from our online store.

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